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How Do I Make My Finished Attic Warmer?

Posted: November 18, 2023 at 12:10 pm
By: Lakes Region HVAC

If you have recently finished the attic in your home, or already have a finished attic that is cold in the winter, finding ways to heat up the space is probably top of mind. Furnished attics are an excellent way to add value to your property and improve the enjoyment of your home. But you need to be strategic in how you manage the climate in that space. With a bit of time and thought, your furnished attic will become a comfortable oasis for whatever its intended purpose may be. There are several effective ways to make your finished attic warmer, but let's begin with the basics.

Proper insulation for a finished attic is key to an energy efficient home.


One of the primary reasons attics tend to be colder than other spaces is inadequate insulation. Adding fiberglass or foam board insulation to the walls and roof will significantly improve the effectiveness of your heating system. Adequate insulation is beneficial for keeping the temperature of your attic consistent regardless of the weather, hot or cold, so your comfort and energy bills will be improved year-round.


Like any other part of your home, your attic is susceptible to leaks and cracks. Winterizing the space by sealing gaps and cracks will prevent drafts and heat from escaping. Use weather-stripping or caulk to seal these openings around windows, doors, and other potential entry points. In doing so, the space will remain comfortable, and your HVAC system will operate efficiently.


If you have not installed proper ventilation in your attic, consider doing so to keep your attic feeling warm and comfortable. If the space is damp, it can make the temperature feel colder. Talk to your HVAC technician about installing ridge vents, soffit vents, or a powered attic fan to ensure a steady airflow. Proper ventilation should be a priority for your attic as it prevents the growth of mold and mildew.

Upgrading windows and doors can help your home retain heat, prevent drafts and keep your energy bills down.

Correct Fenestration

Fenestration is the arrangement, proportioning and design of doors and windows. When a home is designed, fenestration is crucial in providing light, keeping the home weatherproof, and improving insulation. However, sometimes the windows in attics are a low priority. But now that your attic is furnished consider a consultation with a contractor who can upgrade your attic windows and door to more efficient models. The right windows will retain heat, prevent drafts, and be strong enough to handle extreme weather.

Creating cozy spaces in renovated parts of your home look nice and can also provide extra insulation and draft blocks.

DIY Strategies for a Cozier Attic

  • Add Area Rugs and Carpets to provide extra insulation.
  • Maximize radiant heat by leaving your windows unobstructed during the day to take advantage of the sunlight's heat.
  • Use heavy drapes or curtains to block drafts and trap warmth at night.

Heating and Cooling Your Finished Attic

Consider adding zoned heating and cooling to your current HVAC system or install a ductless split in your attic. Consult with your HVAC technician to see if either of these options are feasible with your space and budget, as these can be very effective ways to control the temperature in different areas of your home, including the finished attic. A zoned system will reduce taxation on your whole-house system, lower your utility bill, and provide superior comfort, while a ductless split is a stand-alone heating and cooling system intended for just the attic.

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