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Pros and Cons of Ductless Mini Splits for Commercial Buildings

Posted: April 29, 2022 at 11:10 am
By: Lakes Region HVAC

We have previously discussed why we recommend ductless mini-splits for residential purposes, but there are many advantages to using ductless systems in commercial spaces as well. Among the benefits highlighted below, ductless mini-splits are a way to reduce heating and cooling costs in your commercial building but they can be considered unsightly. Purchasing and maintaining your commercial HVAC system is a significant investment in your business, and we want to help you make the right choice.

What is a ductless mini-split?

A ductless mini-split system does not need ductwork to operate. The term “split” refers to the system having an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, connected by refrigerant tubing, a drain line and electrical wiring. The individual units are smaller than traditional HVAC equipment which is what the “mini” refers to. There are single-zone systems, that are used for heating and cooling one targeted space, or there are multi-zone systems which combine one outdoor unit with up to five indoor units, allowing for personalized comfort in each zone. 

Business owners in New Hampshire can save money on their energy bills with efficient ductless HVAC systems.


  • It is a relatively easy and affordable installation process for small commercial spaces.
  • Ductwork can be costly, and in some places a ducted infrastructure is unavailable.
  • With one installation, and you have both a heating and cooling system ready to go.
  • They are ideal for commercial buildings with multiple spaces/rooms that require different temperature settings.
  • Ductless mini-splits improve indoor air quality. Each indoor air-handling unit has an filter to remove allergens and pollutants, such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria and viruses from the air. This significantly improves your indoor air quality and decreases risk of illness or allergies. Read about more tips to achieve maximum air quality, here.
  • Ductless mini-splits are highly efficient, which means you will save energy as well as money on your heating and cooling bill.
Ductless mini-split installation is easy and non-invasive.


  • Ductless systems are not ideal for large spaces such as warehouses (you would need to buy multiple units for one room to control the climate effectively).
  • The indoor units are visible and are not as aesthetically pleasing as ducted systems.
  • Not as cost-effective of an installation if your commercial building already has ductwork.

Each space is unique and working with a licensed professional can ensure you make the right choice for your workspace. We know that HVAC systems are a significant investment, and we want to ensure that you make the right choice.

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