Lakes Region provides troubleshooting options for homeowners who find their furnace trips the circuit breaker.

Why does my furnace trip the circuit breaker?

Posted: March 17, 2020 at 1:40 pm
By: Lakes Region HVAC

Does your furnace suddenly shut off before the house gets up to temperature?

Does it not turn back on?

The furnace may be tripping the circuit.

You may be tempted to reset the circuit breaker to turn the furnace back on until you fix the problem.

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Don’t keep resetting the circuit breaker.

A circuit breaker “trips” to cut off the supply of electricity to prevent a fire. A circuit breaker is a safety mechanism. By resetting it without solving the problem puts you and your family in danger.

Here are some tips from our furnace experts on how to stay safe and troubleshoot your furnace:

1. Problem in the circuit breaker box

If you hear a buzzing or rattling coming from the circuit breaker box, the problem with your furnace may actually be a problem with your circuit breaker. Over time, electrical connections can deteriorate and cause excess heat, which trips the circuit breaker.


Call an electrician.

HVAC new construction, maintenance, apartments, and emergency service.

2. Overworked furnace blower

Does the furnace run for a while and then trip the breaker? This can be a sign of the blower motor working too hard. The blower circulates air throughout your home, and stressing the motor can cause the circuit to trip.

A furnace blower becomes “stressed” when airflow becomes blocked, either coming in, going out, or both. Your HVAC system can have restricted airflow due to:

  • A dirty air filter
  • Closed or blocked air vents
  • Undersized, crushed, or improperly installed ductwork


Change the air filter in your furnace. In the cold months when you use your furnace, most experts suggest checking the air filter every 1 to 3 months and changing it as needed.

Next, do a visual inspection of the vents and ductwork you can see to detect damage or blockages. Homes can lose an average of up to 40% of heated air through leaks in ductwork, according to research by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Read more about the benefits of furnace tune-ups here.

For a more comprehensive assessment of your HVAC system, contact a nearby HVAC contractor.

Heating systems, including furnaces, ductless mini-splits, and radiant heat.

3. Electrical problem with the furnace

If the circuit breaker trips instantly when the furnace turns on, there may an electrical issue with the furnace, itself.

A wire may have become so deteriorated, it may be touching another wire or metal surface and causing a short circuit. To prevent fires, the circuit breaker will trip when this happens.


Contact a nearby HVAC contractor. When hiring the best nearby HVAC contractor, make sure to ask about these 3 things:

Carrier Authorized Dealer heating and air conditioning systems Northfield, NH.

1. Industry certifications & business partnerships

Look into who else does business and keeps professional relationships with the HVAC company.

2. Free consultations and on-site estimates

A written estimate and meeting a company representative face to face gives you more insight into how the company does business.

3. 5-star customer service

The best HVAC contractors know treating customers right is priority #1.

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