Lakes Region HVAC provides New Hampshire homeowners with a spring-cleaning checklist.

Your HVAC Spring Cleaning Checklist

Posted: May 19, 2022 at 10:05 am
By: Lakes Region HVAC

It's springtime, which means warmer weather is just around the corner in New Hampshire. Spring means it is time to start thinking about air conditioning. Preparing your HVAC system for summer months can improve your A/C’s energy efficiency and help avoid costly repairs or breakdowns.

Air Out Your Home

Even during mud season, we get a few clear days. The fresh spring air will aid your system by providing natural airflow. Opening your windows can sweep out some of the indoor allergen buildups from the winter months.

Clean Your Vents and Floor Registers

Dust and debris tend to accumulate on your vents and registers. By removing your vent covers and cleaning the area inside and out, your AC system will run more smoothly and prevent the need for system repairs. Use warm, soapy water and then let them dry before reinstalling.

Dust Your Home

A clean home will allow for proper airflow and decrease the time before you have to clean your vents and ductwork again. Don't forget to dust and wash the blades of your ceiling fans. Make sure they are rotating counter-clockwise as well.

Clean the Outdoor HVAC Unit

Once the spring rain dies down, head outside to remove debris from the top and a few feet around the unit.

Change Your Air Filter and Thermostat Batteries

If you need help changing your AC filter, we can assist you. To learn more about the different types of air filters, read our blog here.

Declutter Around Vents

Removing furniture, plants and other obstacles from around your vents can ensure proper airflow.

Make Sure Your Humidifier is Running Properly (Or Buy One)

Using a good humidifier in tandem with your AC system will help it run better and prevent repairs.

Adjusting your thermostat can save energy and money.

Adjust Your Thermostat

You may prefer a different temperature in the summer months or have a different schedule. Consider automating your heating and cooling needs by upgrading to a smart thermostat. Learn more about smart thermostats in our blog here.

Schedule Your Spring Maintenance Appointment

Having a trusted and trained professional tune-up your air conditioner every year allows us to inspect the system, check refrigerant levels, check the A/C’s electrical and mechanical components and make sure it is running efficiently. It is less expensive to get a tune-up in the spring than to need a repair during the heat of the summer. To learn more about annual A/C Tune-ups read our blog here.

Call Lakes Region heating and air conditioning to schedule your annual AC maintenance.

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